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Care & Cleaning Tips - 7pm Leather Jewels


7pm’s  leather jewel are handmade creations based on Marina’s  Panagiotoulia original designs , made of natural – refined leather, silver 925, synthetic materials - cords, kaotsouk  e.t.c. which meet all the requirements for use in the production of clothing and accessories.

To manufacture 7pm Jewels we mainly use high strength leathers and footwear adhesives with high elasticity. 
Nevertheless, it is natural that by using them, the leather may soften and creases may occur in the lining, acquiring this way the characteristic timeless identity.

Leather is a natural and sensitive material, so treat your 7pm leather jewels as your skin. To keep it looking like new, avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight, water, humidity and more generally, to extreme temperature changes. 
Store them in a cool and dry place away from chemicals and cosmetics.


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7pm Leather Goods Care


At 7pm Leather Jewels, we select the leathers used for our accessories for their individual beauty, performance and feel. Each skin is unique, so any quirks are viewed as characteristic of leather's natural appeal. All natural materials may present in its appearance and shape, slight deviations, which make each item unique and emphasizes its handmade character. 


Dampness, humidity and rain should be avoided. If your 7pm Jewelry does become wet, blot the excess moisture with a soft, light-colored cloth and leave to dry naturally.

 Do not get leather wet. Remember that leather is a variable material. Leather can shrink.

  • 7pm Leather Jewels are not washable.

Treat them well and your 7pm leather jewelry will give you pleasure for many years to come.


 Storage Never hang instead, always storage flat.

  • Always storage your 7pm Jewels flat .
  • Keep your 7pm Jewelry away from direct sources of light and heat.
  • Ensure your 7pm Jewelry is not allowed to rub against other materials, to reduce any risk of color transference and to retain its special finish.



In Sterling Silver 925, 7pm  jewellery is designed to go with everything. Follow these recommendations to keep your 7pm jewellery looking great:

  • Always allow fragrance and any hair products to dry completely before putting on jewellery.
  • When not being worn, jewellery should be stored separately.
  • Always keep away from sources of heat, light and moisture.